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Orthodontic Gadgets for Kids up to 99

We are an experienced and friendly team of specialists, professionally taking care of orthodontic therapies. Because teeth and jaws only work perfectly together if they are optimally aligned with each other. With established procedures that meet the latest scientific findings, we bring every tooth back into its correct position. And it does not matter if it concerns children, adolescents or adults.
We do everything for your dental health and offer you a comprehensive range of treatments at the highest orthodontic level: loose or permanent appliances, high-end or cost-effective solutions, aligners, self-ligating braces, Bionator or CMD. Sounds complicated? But it is not. We gladly take the time to advise you in detail to bring your teeth back into the pole position.


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In our office, you will receive a comprehensive range of services for professional orthodontic treatments. We only use procedures that ensure maximum treatment success. That’s our promise you can count on.

Fixed orthodontic
appliances + Lingual

The fixed braces are a classic. The braces are fixed to every tooth and connected with a fine wire. For years we have had very good experiences with the Damon system and also use the traditional metal or ceramic braces. The lingual technique is a fixed device that is attached to the backside of the teeth and moves crooked teeth as if by magic into the desired position. It is nearly invisible and you can continue to do everything with the brackets as before: eating, laughing and talking. Above all, adults decide for the tooth-friendly lingual braces.

orthodontic appliances

With removable active gadgets we can correct and guide the growth of your child's jaw to help the permanent teeth come in straight. It helps to regulate the width of the upper and lower arches and creates more space for crowded teeth. As a result we mostly can avoid the need for permanent tooth extractions later in life.

Braces for Adults

Who said braces are just for kids? There are many reasons why adults want a tooth correction. They are disturbed by their unattractive appearance and finally want to be able to laugh again. They may also have functional limitations in eating, chewing, talking or other physical problems such as head and neck pain. Whatever moves you, a professional tooth correction can be done at any age. We accompany you from the beginning and develop a treatment plan that is optimally adapted to your dental situation. Take the first step and make an appointment in our orthodontic office.


Not every tooth correction needs to be done with fixed braces. There are also dental situations that can be treated perfectly with a removable aligner. Depending on how severe the malocclusion is, treatment here can take about 6 to 18 months. That is why many of our patients want to wear invisible aligners for aesthetic reasons. A wish that we can easily fulfill: Aligners are paper-thin, virtually invisible, very effective, easy to care for and offer a high wearing comfort.


Holistic medicine refers to the consideration and treatment of man as a unity of body, mind and soul. For example, a dental malocclusion may be an expression of physical, mental or spiritual dysbalance. In holistic orthodontics, on the basis of conventional medical knowledge, I offer you a variety of possibilities from biological holistic orthodontics.


It sometimes happens that a severe tooth and jaw malformation requires more than our orthodontic expertise. In this case, we are adding experienced oral surgeons with whom we have been working together for years. By combining surgery with our orthodontic treatment we reach the goal: beautiful, straight and healthy teeth.

TMJ & TMD Temporomandibular
Joint Disorders

Under TMD we summarize diseases and dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint and adjacent structures. You may experience pain in the jaw or chewing muscles, cracking noises during chewing, teeth grinding or a restricted mouth opening. Therefore, we first examine whether a pre-injury of the joint exists. If this is the case, we take into account our findings in the preparation of the treatment concept. After all, we want maximum therapy success, with which you are 100% satisfied.


Our Office


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Additional Services

We would like to offer you not only a high-class orthodontic treatment, but also an office with feel-good atmosphere. Therefore, we supplement our range of services with numerous services

  • Consultation and Treatment Planning
  • English Paperwork
  • Periodical Information about the Course of Treatment
  • Office with Air Condition in all Rooms
  • Payment Plans
  • Additional Services
We are looking forward to your visit in a relaxed atmosphere
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